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Dos Equis – Social

A sampling of some of our various Dos Equis social executions. It was always a fun challenge to figure out how to use the Most Interesting Man on different channels or in new ways. Whether it was to promote a drink we called Dos Nog for the holidays, or to invite a group of Instagram photographers to come to NYC for a one-of-a-kind experience to launch a most interesting Instagram account.

Dos Equis – Foursquare

In an exclusive partnership with Foursquare, the Most Interesting Man was the first and only character allowed to have an account. This provided us a great opportunity to expand upon his voice in ways we never had before at locations both common and exotic.

Most Interesting Man in the World Fuller
Southwest Airlines.png
Griffith Observatory.png
Ruby Tuesday.png
La Jolla.png
Lucky Monkey.png
The Alamo.png
Sparky's Pub.png
Times Square.png
PF Chang's.png
Hollywood Sign.png
AT&T Stadium.png
Houston Museum.png
Cross Eyed Seagull.png
Ocean Beach.png
Austin Convention Center.png
Soho Wine.png
Brass Monkey.png
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